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3rd Generation Family-Owned Business

In the year 1977, a young farmer by the name of Dan Bourquin was consistently removing weeds by hand from his crops. After days and weeks of this continued manual labor, this young man began to design and form a better and more efficient solution. What began as a design to meet one farmer’s needs, many others in the farming community saw and became interested in the success of this new invention called the Weedpuller.

to be continued...

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The Organic Weedpuller is designed to assist the farmer in removing weeds easily from crops without the use of chemicals while saving time and money from manual labor. This implement can be easily hitched to any tractor and is easy to upgrade. Clients appreciate the ability to customize the Organic Weedpuller to fit their specific farming and crop needs.

The Organic Weedpuller was invented by a farmer FOR farmers. It is professionally designed to remove tall weeds in the row, grasping them upward, root and all! Farmers can be relieved that Organic Weedpuller is a safe, reliable, and consistent option for their pesky weed problems.



The Organic Weedpuller was invented by a farmer FOR farmers. Its quality construction and design can be customized to fit your specific farming and crop needs.Farmers near and far have used this effective implement and have improved their farming production without the use of herbicide. Contact us today to make your order!

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