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  • Does it need to be front mounted or rear mounted to the tractor?
  • What ground speed (rpm) can this feature run at?
    Ground speed 3-4mile per hour RPM 30rpm
  • How many rows are available?
    The Organic Weedpuller is available in 2 row, 4 row, 6 row, 8 row, and 12 row models. Come in 1 row units and you can put as many units on a toolbar as you want up to 12 rows. Conversion from 4 row - to - 6 row, 8 row, or 12 row, is easy and uncomplicated. You will need guage wheels for a 12-row machine.
  • How much does an Organic Weedpuller cost and how does this cost compare to using hand labor?
  • How long does it take to receive a weedpuller?
    Organic Weedpullers have a 4-6 week turnaround time.
  • What are the different row widths?
    Standard machine can take 30 inches. Special made machines can go to 22inch rows.
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